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Nyt / Jun 27, 2014
VAST Wildstar continues to grow and with half the guild now at max level, Raid attunement is in high gear!

VAST Star Citizen is openly accepting members interested in participating in this future space MMO.

Other than that, we have members engaged in various games including World of Tanks, Diablo, and a random array of other "appetizer" games.

In other news, our crazy scientists just released the following discovery:

Nyt / May 07, 2014

If you've been curious about WildStar, this will be your perfect opportunity to try it out for free before it releases June 3rd. You have 10 days, with a level cap of 30. That should be plenty of time for anyone to level up to 20 and experience the first 2 dungeons.

If you are interested, we have a VAST WildStar guild site here:

We will be on the Pergo Server (PvP server) playing as Exiles.

Official Source: